Pera once considered relocating the team to Memphis after the acquisition of the Grizzlies stake, but Ashley Cam Talbot Jersey, the Manning wife who is Memphis native, was actively pushing Pera to dispel the idea of ??relocating the team. At the time, in an interview with the media, Ashley once said: "Being a native of Memphis is most important to enable the team to remain in Tennessee and continue to have a positive impact on the community. Locke has said that after the Texas Bowl game, he still has to wait for the draft Advisory Committee score Adam Graves Jersey, will eventually decide whether to participate in the NFL draft next year. If Locke really decided to play in the higher-level Rugby League, he might become a dark horse player in the first-round show Matt Hunwick Jersey. In the history of Rugby League, the University of Texas played a total of 23 matches with the University of Missouri, and the Longhorns have a 17-6 record, occupying an absolute advantage. The last fight between the two took place in 2011 (University of Missouri won), while the only bowl race in both history was the 1946 Cotton Bowl. At that time, the Longhorns won with a score of 40:27. Since 1931, the University of Texas has won 15 victories in 17 previous confrontations between the two sides Brady Skjei Jersey.