Jordan dormant for several years once again shot, he bought part of the Bobcats stake, Bobcats became a small boss. Four years later, Jordan spent 275 million to buy all the shares of the Bobcats, NBA became the first professional player background team major shareholders Daniel Paille Jersey, as well as NBA second black big boss. Today, the Hornets market value has reached 780 million US dollars. Jordan's reach is not only in the NBA, in August this year, he joined the former US baseball New York Yankees second baseman, the captain of the United States said the superstar Derek - Kitt consortium, successfully acquired the baseball team for 1.2 billion US dollars Miami Marlins, Jordan has a small stake in the team, became a small boss. Last Saturday, the Steelers dismissed team-history sack-killer Harrison for the release of offensive right-back tackle Marcus Gilbert to expire. Harrison, 39, contributed a total of 80.5 sacks to the Pittsburgh Steelers Tanner Glass Jersey. In the past three seasons, although he is no longer the main player Kevin Klein Jersey, but still completed at least 5 times a season sack. In the playoffs of the Steelers in the last two seasons, Harrison has also completed several key sacks. However, Harrison's playing time has shrunk drastically this season with the need to defend the ball to outside Perbad-Dupuy and rookie player T.J.-Watt. In 14 games this season, Harrison only participated in the team's 40 defensive bout; last season New York Rangers Jersey Sale, he also participated in the team's 587 defensive bout. This season, Harrison just cut a sack.